About Dan Jackson and Manifest Photography


Photography for me is about image making and communication. I have a BFA from Emily Carr University in Vancouver Canada and I think my background in art history and so-called "fine" art remains the cornerstone of my picture making process. 

My images occasionally reference photography but I rigorously study other disciplines such as illustration, printmaking, typography, painting and ceramics. This tends to give my work a painterly, theatrical / cinematic feel.

I've always sought to carve my own niche in this industry. To develop my own style rather than be swayed by trends. My intention is to create a body of work that is timeless as opposed to fashionable or timely. Despite all the flowery language above I really am a fun guy to work with. And although I thought I'd be a painter or animator growing up it was the interaction with people that drew me to photography.

In 1998 I opened Manifest Photography; an award-winning studio specializing in editorial and commercial photography. In 2000 I founded Studio 730; a 1000 sq.ft. full service commercial photo studio / art gallery located in the heart of downtown Vancouver.  

Thanks for stopping by. Drop me a line if you have any questions. 


Teamsters (local 213), LiUNA, Health Sciences Assoc., Canadian Nurses Assoc., Operating Engineers, Work Safe BC, Law Society of BC, CBC, Sony Music, Sony Pictures, Global Television, Clough Club, Capone's Restaurant, Georgio's Men's Wear, FNDA Architects, Uwi Twins Fashion Label, Prime Mover Controls, General Hydrogen, Ballard Power, City Intermedia, Holiday Inn, Beetling Design, Vancouver Lifestyles Magazine, Banana Magazine, TV Week Magazine, The Report, Urban Lifestyle Magazine, Xtra! Magazine

Portraits of Familiar Faces: 

Warren Dean Flandez, Grace Park, Serinda Swan, Ryan Reynolds, Michael Buble, Danny Glover, Jim Byrnes, Diana Bang, Hugh Picket, Pamela Martin, Debra Hope, Tony Parsons, Wayne Cox, Jill Krop, Markus Naslund, Ed Jovonovski, Willie Mitchell, Pat Quinn, Toronto Maple Leafs, Premier Gordon Campbell, Mayor Larry Campbell

Solo Exhibitions: 

The Type 669 Show 2009 

Apologue 2010

Le Salon 2011 

Floating and Stinging 2012 

A Loaf of Bread, A Flask of Wine, A Book of Verse and Thou 2013

Real Pretty Real 2014

Real Ugly (For Lovers of the Unloved) 2015

The Blue Canary (in the Outlet by the Light Switch) Show 2016

Space In Bird (In conjunction with Capture Photo Festival) 2017

Apologue II (In conjunction with Capture Photo Festival) 2018

What It Is 2018